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Elder Fenton &
Sis. Rachel Ramsey

Casey and Keturah 1.jpeg

Elder Casey &
Morah Keturah Hughey

Elder Casey Hughey has been with B.O.O.M. from the beginning of its inception he's served on the worship team as leader then was ordained as an Elder. He continues to serve as a worship leader as well as one the teachers in the Atlanta congregation. Morah Keturah also serves in the Atlanta congregation as a leader and is a dynamic teacher of the word of God.


Elder Robert &
Morah Dakota Stone

Elder Robert & Morah Dakota Stone are leader's of B.O.O.M. Akron, Ohio both lead by example and are loved and respect for their different style of teaching. Elder Robert is more of a conversational teacher while Morah Dakota is a flat footed fire preacher.


Deacon Marc & Morah Shaunta Nettlesbey

Deacon Marc and Morah Shaunta serve as leader's of B.O.O.M. Jacksonville, Florida they're both a huge blessing to B.O.O.M. they're the glue that keeps everyone together in Jacksonville. Morah Shaunta is absolutely a gifted teacher of Torah and the New Testament and Deacon Marc is a leader, gatherer of men. 

Elder Fenton Ramsey is the Head Elder and teacher of B.O.O.M. Jacksonville, Florida. The Most High has gifted him with a love for people and the ability to minister to all ages and backgrounds. Elder Ramsey is also an Army Veteran and often shares his time and testimony with his fellow servicemen. His wife, Sis. Rachel, is a servant at heart, always willing to answer the call to help with ministry needs. 


Dr. William & Lady Ema Brown

Apostle & Bishop Dr. William Brown also known as M.A.J.O.R.S. by his gospel rap stage name established B.O.O.M. Church as a ministry that teaches the foundation of the scriptures combined with Torah and the New Testament believing in the totality of the bible, proclaiming the gospel and defending it when necessary. Dr. Brown received a Doctorate of Theological Studies from HRI School of Theology in 2022 as well as establishing the B.O.O.M. Academy teaching believers the history, culture and how to research and study the bible. Lady Ema Brown is an emerging prophetic voice and a pillar in bringing the vision of B.O.O.M. alive, she's a gracious example of a Hebrew woman full of class, grace demonstration of how a woman should walk next to a leader in the spirit discerning, wise bringing balance to the ministry.


Elder Eric Johnson

Elder Eric is the Head Elder of B.O.O.M. he serves in Atlanta he's a solid teacher with simplicity and a natural servant at heart he's also a very talented music producer and handles the worship music for Voices Of B.O.O.M.


Pastor Victor &
Lady Gale Baxter

Pastor Vic and Lady Gale Baxter pastor Open Door Assembly located in Eastman, Ga and are apart of the B.O.O.M. Churches under the covering and leadership of Bishop and Lady Ema Brown. They
both came to faith in Yahshua together and have been on fire for the Lord ever since. They have a unique ministry gear toward the youth giving a safe space to fellowship and share their heart.

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